PBMM Policy on Upper Level Elective Courses

  • PBMM follows the GBS requirements for the 3 Upper Level Elective Courses, including:
    • The advanced courses must be at the 700-level
    • Courses within Joint Health Sciences (including all courses with either a GBS or GBC prefix) do not need theme approval; Courses in other UAB Schools require prior mentor approval and documentation of the approval to the theme manager
    • All advanced courses must have a letter grade assigned (except for offsite courses such as the Cold Spring Harbor Courses). Completion of the course with a "B" or better is required to count towards the advanced course requirement.
    • One of the advanced courses can be an off-site course, such as those offered by Cold Spring Harbor or Hudson Alpha, but this must be approved ahead of time by the Theme Director and Mentor. These courses are typically at least one-week long and have class/lab times of 40 hours or more.
    • The mentor and the student's thesis committee will decide the appropriateness of all advanced courses taken by each student.
  •  A list of available courses can be found in the 2014-15 GBS Course Catalog, which outlines all GBS/GBSC courses for the Fall 2014-Summer 2015 terms. Students and mentors can also review the Graduate Catalog and review options in other UAB Schools under other course prefixes, such as CB, ENH, MIC, NBL, NTR, PAT, PHR, and PHY, as possible examples. Please note that courses outside of Joint Health Sciences can incur different tuition rates; as mentioned above, students are responsible for documenting mentor approval, should they decide to take a class outside of Joint Health Sciences.

  • To ensure the equivalent of an upper-level course workload, the theme reserves the right to request that extra assignments be given to the student enrolled in first-year GBS courses.  Prior written agreement between the course director(s) and student must be obtained prior to course commencement.