Revised May 7, 2009

Membership: Directory | Criteria


  1. Appointments

    Appointments to the Gene Therapy Center (GTC) at UAB will be made on the basis of the outstanding quality and relevance of the program of the prospective members and shall be classified by UAB as Center appointments.

    There are three specific requirements for GTC membership:

    • Evidence of gene therapy research and/or clinical interests
    • Active participation in a Center research program
    • Consent of the applicant's department chair

  2. Rank

    GTC members will hold one of these ranks:

    • Senior Scientist - equivalent to Professor
    • Scientist - equivalent to Associate Professor
    • Associate Scientist - equivalent to Assistant Professor, Instructor or Associate faculty member
  3. Application Process

    The required documentation for the initial application consists of curriculum vitae, a summary of current funding, current activities with the Center, and a letter of support from the applicant's department chair.

    Application materials will be reviewed by the Membership Committee, appointed by the Center Director. Recommendations of the Membership Committee will then be forwarded for review to the Center Director. If approved, the Provost of the University will finalize appointment papers.

  4. Continuation of Membership

    Members of the Gene Therapy Center at UAB are asked to:

    • Participate in programmatic activities
    • Provide the Director with updated grant support information
    • Submit an annual update on publications to the Director
(Rev. 02/01)