All endowments are typically invested in the University of Alabama Pooled Endowment Fund unless there are donor restrictions to the contrary.

The Investment Committee of the University of Alabama Board of Trustees is responsible for recommending investment objectives and policies to the board and for implementing such policies. It oversees investment activities, monitors investment performance, and ensures the prudent control of the investment of funds for the university. The investment committee selects several professional money managers and monitors their performance on a quarterly basis. Funds are managed in a conservative manner in order to preserve and augment the value of the endowment. Maintaining the value of the endowment will help sustain the university's ability to generate operating budget support for both current and future generations of students.

As part of a commitment to long-range financial equilibrium, the board adopts the broad objective of investing endowment assets so as to preserve their real value and enhance the purchasing power of the endowment so as to keep pace with inflation and evolving university needs. The board seeks superior investment returns through professional management and avoidance of unnecessary risk.

More information on the Investment Management Policy can be found on page 105 of the Board Manual.

For questions about endowments and other giving options, email Daphne B. Powell, senior director of Stewardship and Donor Relations, at or call 205-934-1807.