Here’s what UAB’s grad students, post-docs and faculty have told us about their needs:

  • “I want to take the lead on a scientific paper, but I don’t trust my writing skills.”
  • “I want to use my teaching lab to hone my presentation skills, but I’m not sure how.”
  • “I must be able to write successful grant applications.” 

Research Writing Courses
Click here for a schedule of writing courses. We offer courses for dissertation writing, academic writing and publishing, and fellowship writing.

About Us
Today’s researchers, scientists, and academics face an increasingly competitive world. This is true not only in their fields of study, but in the areas of professional presentations, university teaching, publishing, inter-disciplinary collaboration, and fellowship and grant writing. Indeed, many leading institutions view these communication abilities as prerequisites for career advancement. This is why UAB’s Professional Development Program offers ongoing support for graduate students, post-doctoral fellows and visiting scholars who want to take advantage of the school’s resources to enhance their skills. Under the direction of Dr. Kellie Carter, the program offers semester-long credit courses as well as day-long workshops in a variety of areas, such as


Click on Professional Development Courses and Professional Development Workshops for a detailed list of offerings. Check out the Current Schedule for a list of available offerings.

Preparing professionals for tomorrow

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