When your roommate is hosting a party the night before your big test, it might help to know the whereabouts of the study lounges.

Special areas in Sterne Library are designated as quiet spaces. You may also check out an individual carrel or a group study room for a three-hour period, renewable once. These rooms are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Graduate students and students with disabilities may have carrel assignments for one term.

And don’t forget Lister Hill Library and Hill University Center. They have great study environments as well.

For nursing students, there’s a student study lounge on the ground floor of the School of Nursing Building, 1701 University Boulevard. Medical students have study carrels on the ground floor of Volker Hall, 1600 University Boulevard.

In addition, dental students have a reading room for study on the sixth floor of the School of Dentistry Building, 1919 Seventh Avenue South.

The medical students have a lounge in Volker Hall Room P100, and dental students have a lounge in School of Dentistry Building Room 639.

For Optometry Students, there is a lounge in Room 108 of the Henry B. Peters (Optometry) Building, 1716 University Boulevard.

If you’re in the School of Health Professions, there’s a study lounge in Room 507 of the Susan Mott Webb Nutrition Sciences Building, 1675 University Boulevard and the learning Resources Center at 1714 9th Avenue South.

Public health students have a lounge in Room 113, Ryals Public Health Building, 1665 University Boulevard.