Academic Area Scheduling

  1. Requests to use space in academic areas should be initiated in the Office of Student Life.  Forms must be approved by Student Life before they are submitted to the Academic Scheduling Coordinator in the Academic Programs and Policy Office.  All forms requesting the use of space in the academic areas must be received by the Academic Scheduling Coordinator 5 business days prior to the event.  Should security be required for an event, it must be scheduled, and paid for, at least 14 days prior to the event in the Office of Student Leadership, HUC 440.
  2. Student organizations will not be assigned space during the first week of any term.  Forms may be submitted requesting space for the entire term.  The request will be approved after the first week of classes, and the request will be valid for that term only.  Forms requesting space for a term must be in the received by the Academic Scheduling Coordinator one (1) week before the meetings begin.
  3. Activities that require an amplification system or that will generate noise cannot be scheduled in academic areas during class times.
  4. The Academic Scheduling Coordinator should be informed of changes in times, changes in date(s), or cancellations.