VI. Sanctions for Violations of the Non-Academic Student Code of Conduct:

A student found responsible for a violation shall be subject to sanctions commensurate with the offense with consideration given to any aggravating and mitigating circumstances, including, but not limited to, the student’s conduct record. It is the student’s responsibility to review his or her conduct record, and the student will be deemed to have knowledge of his or her record of previous conduct violations and sanctions, whether or not the student chooses to review the record. Sanctions include one or more of the following penalties, unless otherwise expressly provided:

Informal Warning

Oral or written warning to the student that he or she is violating university regulations. No official record of an informal warning shall be maintained.

Official Warning

Official warning in writing that continuation or repetition of specified conduct may be cause for more severe conduct action. A record of an official warning shall be maintained.

Parental/Guardian Notification

In cases of violation of university alcohol and drug policies involving students under 21 years of age at the time of the violation, the university may notify the student’s parent or guardian of the violation. The university also reserves the right to notify parents of students over 21 years of age in the event that they are a threat to self or others.

Conduct Probation

Conduct probation is for a designated period of time and includes the probability of more severe conduct sanctions, including suspension or expulsion from the university if the student is found responsible for violating specific and/or any university regulation(s) during the probationary period. Additional stipulations that are consistent with the nature of the violation may also be imposed.

Loss of Privileges

A limitation is placed upon selected privileges for a specific period of time. Loss of privileges may include, but may not be limited to, denial of the right to represent the university, a denial of the use of campus facilities or access to areas of campus, or denial from participation in co-curricular activities.

Campus and/or Community Service

Requirement that services be offered for a specified period to an appropriate non-profit community agency and/or to a university office

Educational Assignment

A student is required to complete a specified educational assignment related to the violation committed. Such educational assignments may include completion of a workshop or seminar, class, report, paper, project, alcohol or drug program and/or consultation, counseling consultation, psychological or psychiatric evaluation.

Residence Hall Transfer or Removal

A student is required to transfer residence halls or leave the residence halls for a specified or indefinite period of time.

No Contact Order

A No Contact Order is a directive to refrain from any intentional contact, direct or indirect, with one or more designated persons or group(s) through any means, including personal contact, electronic, telephone, or third parties. Violating a No-Contact Order may result in suspension from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.


Reimbursement for damage or loss of property or expenses of others as a result of the misconduct.


Exclusion from classes and other privileges in the university community for a specified period of time.


Permanent termination of student status in the university community.

Any student found responsible for violating the policy on non-consensual or force sexual contact (where no intercourse has occurred) will likely receive a sanction ranging from probation to expulsion, depending on the severity of the incident, and taking into account any precious campus conduct code violations.

Any student found responsible for violating the policy on non-consensual or forced sexual intercourse will likely face a recommended sanction of suspension or expulsion.

Any student found responsible for violating the policy on sexual exploitation or sexual harassment will likely face a recommended sanction ranging from warning to expulsion, depending on the severity of the incident, and taking into account any previous campus conduct code violations.

Additional Sanctions

In situations involving some of the sanctions listed above, a student may be asked to relinquish any University office held. If a student leader is charged with a violation of serious non-academic misconduct, he/she may be removed from the leadership position until the matter is resolved. Sanctions may also result in permanent removal from leadership positions. This may also include their representing the university in any capacity. This could also result in the loss of certain scholarships and financial aid. In addition to the sanctions described, the Non-Academic Student Conduct Hearing Officer may apply or recommend additional sanctions.

Failure to complete a required sanction is a serious offense. It is considered an additional violation of the Non-Academic Student Code of Conduct (IV. 2.), and will usually result in more serious sanctions being imposed. Within one (1) week of a student’s failure to complete a sanction, a HOLD will be placed on the student’s records, and any pre-registration that the student might have already conducted. Students refusing to complete sanctions also place themselves at risk of being suspended or expelled from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.