The Kaleidoscope is a great way to send your message to UAB students and the surrounding community, and is a preferred method for reaching UAB students.

Kaleidoscope offers several low- or no-cost methods for helping you gain a larger audience for your message.

  • What's Ablaze? -- Our community bulletin board publishes items of general interrest to the UAB community for publication at no charge. What's Ablaze listings appear in print and online. Some restrictions may apply. CLICK HERE to submit an item for the What's Ablaze Community Calendar.
  • Classified Ads -- Blazer Action Ads are published as a service to the UAB community. While there is a nominal charge for COMMERCIAL LISTINGS, a number of categories -- announcements, lost & found, freebies and student-to-student --  are available at no charge to the UAB students faculty and staff. Classified ads appear in print and online. Some reswtrictions may apply. Visit our CLASSIFIED PAGE and login in with your Blazer ID for access.
  • Display Ads -- If you have need for a larger ad to grab  the attention of a larger audience, Kaleidoscope offers print and web-based advertising services for institutional and commercial interests. Student clubs and non-profit organizations can advertise with us at a discount. Visit our ADVERTISING INFO page for more details or to download our RATE CARD.

Advertising in the Kaleidoscope is a public service for our community. And, since the Kaleidoscope is a non-profit organization, the proceeds from advertising are used to help fund Student Media and provide its services to the campus community.

Want to learn more?

Call the Kaleidoscope today 205-934-3354 or for advertising information at 205-996-6801 (e-mail to 


The Kaleidoscope reserves the right to refuse any advertisement.