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Contacts for the High Resolution Imaging Facility

The facility is open during normal work hours Mon-Friday except for major holidays and visitors are welcome to tour the facility.  The facility main office is located on the first floor of the Shelby Building in room 135.  (All the way down the left corridor.) 


Kent Keyser:  Ph.D., HRIF Facility Director (205)-975-7225


For questions pertaining to Light Microscopy, Fluorescent Microscopy, Confocal Microscopy, FLIM, FRET, FRAP, or general questions about the facility or microscopy please contact the following personnel.


Shawn Williams- Confocal Microscopy, ImageStream, Nanosight

1825 University Blvd, Shelby 135C (205)-934-7403


Ed Phillips-General Microscopy and Electron Microscopy (205)-934-7855


For questions pertaining to Electron Microscopy and EM Sample Preparation please contact the following personnel.


Melissa Chimento-Transmission Electron Microscopist, Sample Preparation (205)-934-1926


William Monroe-Scanning Electron Microscopist, Sample Preparation (205) 934-8427