The High Resolution Imaging Center has a the latest in imaging and computing technologies to make your experiments possible. Below is a list of equipment and lab locations belonging to the Imaging Center.

This equipment is available for your use, and may be scheduled by the hour.  To setup an appointment or learn more about the HRIF you can email Shawn Williams at or call 205-934-7403 for assistance.   

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Please be sure that you have contacted one of the staff members to become an official user.

Microscope Set-ups

Nikon A1R Multiphoton Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy: Shelby Building, Room 130B (Coming Soon!) 

Imagestream Mark II Imaging Flow Cytometer Shelby 130

Nikon A1 High Speed Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy: Shelby Building, Room 136A

Nanosight NS300 Sub Micron Particle Imaging System (Exoxomes)

Zeiss LSM 710 High Resolution Confocal Microscope and FLIM Detector

Digital Microscopy: Shelby Building Room 136D1

Electron Microscopy: Shelby Building Room B40 (Basement)

Scanning Electron Microscopy

Computer Workstations: All Facilities