Pricing and Information


Research Information

Fluorescence Microscopy, Confocal Laser Microscopy, Time Lapse, FRET, FRAP, Electron Microscopy, Cryo-EM Microscopy and Light Microscopy are available at the “HRIF.”  Consultation and training are available for all users of the facility by a staff of highly trained professionals


Services and Fees

Surcharge for Assistance in Instrumentation or Sample Preparation            $20.00/Hour

Basic Digital Imaging/Deconvolution/ Calcium Imaging -- Olympus IX70       $18.00/Hour

Basic Digital Imaging –Leitz Orthoplan, Nikon Diaphot                               $20.00/Hour

Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy with UV Laser – Leica SP1               $30.00/Hour

Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy Zeiss LSM 710                                $30.00/Hour

Digital Imaging/Timelapse/FRET/Histology Imaging – Nikon Eclipse            $23.00/Hour

FRET/FRAP Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy – Leica SP2                 $30.00/Hour

Large Specimen/Tissue Dissection Imaging Nikon Stereoscope                 $23.00/Hour

Data Archival Service Fee (includes blank CD)                                          $3.00 each

High Resolution Printing: Inkjet                                                                $3.00 each

Transmission Electron Microscopy--- FEI Tecnai T12 Spirit/Assisted          $70.00/Hour

Transmission Electron Microscopy--- FEI Tecnai T12 Spirit/Unassisted       $35.00/Hour

Sample processing per sample/Bulk Discounts Available                           $70.00/Sample

Ultra-thin and semi-thin sectioning per sample with post stain                    $40.00/Hour

Negative Staining per Grid                                                                       $12.00/Grid

Cryo-EM Usage Technai F20 Full Service Access                                     $27.50/Hour

Cryo-EM Usage Technai F20 Full Service Access                                     $16.50/Hour

Cryo-EM Usage Technai F20  Reduced Service Access                            $55.00/Hour

Ultramicrotome Reoom Temp for Trained Users Unassisted                       $16.00/Hour

CryoUltramicrotome Trained Users Unassisted                                         $18.00/Hour

Staff Time in EM Lab                                                                              $12.00/Grid 

Freeze Substitution System (AFS)                                                          $40.00/day

Miscellaneous Charges for Electron Microscopy                                       $5.00/each