Consultation and training are available for all users of the facility by a staff of highly trained professionals. All fees displayed here are internal to UAB. Please contact us for our full rate sheet.

Instrumentation Assistance

Description: Surcharge for Assistance in Instrumentation or Sample Preparation
Fee: $65/hr

Other Services

Description: Data Archival Service Fee (includes blank CD)
Fee: $3.00/each

Description: High Resolution Inkjet Printing
Fee: $3.00/each

Fluorescence Microscopy

Description: Basic Digital Imaging/Deconvolution/ Calcium Imaging 
Instrument(s): Olympus IX70
Fee: $20/hr

Confocal Microscopy

Description: Confocal Laser Microscopy
Instrument(s): Leica SP2, Nikon A1, Nikon A1R, Zeiss LSM 710
Fee: $50/hr

Inverted Microscopy

Description: Digital Imaging/Timelapse/FRET/Histology Imaging
Instrument(s): Nikon Eclipse
Fee: $30/hr

Flow Cytometry

Description: Flow cytometry, detailed imagery, and microscopy 
Instrument(s): Imagestream Mark II Imaging Flowcytometer
Fee: $50/hr


Description: Large Specimen/Tissue Dissection Imaging
Instrument(s): Nikon Stereoscope 
Fee: $30/hr

Sub-Micron Particle Imaging

Description: Sub-Micron Particle Imaging
Instrument(s): Nanosight NS300 Sub Micron Particle Imaging System (Exoxomes)
Fee: $40.00/hr

Transmission Electron Microscopy

Description: Transmission Electron Microscopy
Instrument(s): FEI Tecnai T12 Spirit
Fee: $50/hr

Description: Sample processing
Fee: $100/sample

Description: Ultra-thin and semi-thin sectioning with post stain
Fee: $50/sample block

Description: Negative Staining
Fee: $12/grid

Description: Room Temperature Ultramicrotome  
Fee: $20/hr

Description: Cryo-Ultramicrotome
Fee: $20/hr

Description: Freeze Substitution
Instrument(s): Leica EM AFS
Fee: $40/hr

Scanning Electron Microscopy

Description: Secondary electron imaging, backscatter electron imaging, energy dispersive spectroscopy, High-Vacuum, Low-Vacuum, ESEM, wetSTEM
Instrument(s): FEI Quanta FEG 650
Fee: $40/hr