Graduate Acceptances

Doctoral Programs

Katie Beaufait (ELSP) – Saint Louis University, PhD in Microbiology
Miranda Collier (UHP) – University of Oxford, DPhil in Chemistry
Jennifer Dingle (ELSP) – University of Iowa, PhD in Health Care Management
Kenneth Gray (STH) – Harvard University, PhD in Biological and Biomedical Sciences
Ashley T. Helix (GCL) – Illinois Institute of Technology, PhD in Clinical Psychology
Jordan Jones (ELSP) – Georgia State University, PhD in Economics
Brett Kirkland (STH) – UAB, PhD in Computer and Information Sciences
Alex Levy (STH) – UAB, PhD in Biomedical Engineering
Kyle Murdoch (GCL) – Georgia Tech, PhD in Biomedical Engineering

Professional Programs

Usama Abbasi (UHP) – Harvard University, MD
Laura Aristizabal (ELSP) – UAB, DMD
Sharmin Anwer (UHP) – Vanderbilt University, Law
Olayode Babatunde (STH) – Duke University, MD/MPh
Branden Benningfield (UHP) – UAB, MD
Hannah Bowers (UHP) – UAB, MD
Grace Cain (GCL) – UAB, MD
Dakota Clark (ELSP) – UAB, DMD
Madison Duckworth (UHP) – UAB, MD
Hieu Duong (UHP) – UAB, MD
Deepa Etikala (UHP) – UAB, MD
Morgan Fancher (UHP) – Auburn University, PharmD
Naveed Farrukh (UHP) – UAB, MD
Hilary Flippo (STH) – UAB, MD
Pooja Gagare (UHP) – New York University, MD
William Davis Haselden (STH) – Pennsylvania State University, MD/PhD
Jinwoo Hur (STH) – UAB, MD
Omar Ismali (STH) – UAB, MD
Nikhita Jain (UHP) – UAB, MD
Aditi Jani (UHP) – UAB, MD
Kevin Jiang (UHP) – UAB, MD
Danielle Keyes (STH) – University of South Alabama, MD
Mohini Krishnon (UHP) – University of South Alabama, MD
Stephen Layfield (STH) – MD
Chance Miller (ELSP) – Columbia University, MD
Jonathan Miller (ELSP) – UAB, MD
Dhruv Patel (STH) – UAB, MD
Gaylen Patterson (UHP) – University of Mississippi, MD
Ashey Pettaway (UHP) – UAB, MD
Malachi Ray (ELSP) – UAB, DO in Optometry
Haylie Reed (ELSP) – University of South Alabama, MD
Elizabeth Scott (ELSP) – University of Minnesota – Twin Cities, PharmD
Leslie Williams (UHP) – UAB, MD

Masters Programs

Sadhvi Batra (STH) – UAB, MPh in Public Health
Olivia Collette (UHP) – UAB, Occupational Therapy
Pauleatha Diggs (UHP) – UAB, MPh in Public Health
Justin Crossley (ELSP) – UAB, MAEd in Secondary Education
Dana Al-Farhan (GCL) – University of London, School of Oriental and African studies, MSc in Globalization in Development
Cabrini Fears (GCL) – Florida International University, MS in Global Governance
Qili Huang (UHP) – New York University, International Education
Jasmine Howard (STH) – UAB, MS in Biotechnology
Joseph Jablonksy (UHP) – UAB, ESL/TESOL
Sydnee Kucenski (ELSP) – Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology, MA in Counseling Psychology and Expressive Arts Therapy
Jacob Ledbetter (GCL) – Duke University, MA in Economics
Shayla Olson (UHP) – University of Colorado, Structural Engineering
Whitney Peterson (ELSP) – UAB, MSPAS in Surgical Physician Assistant Studies
Sunney Poyner (UHP) – University of Puget Sound, Counseling
Harsh Shah (UHP) – UAB, MPh in Public Health
Lauren Tubbs (UHP) – University of North Alabama, English Literature