Current Students


Honors College students work closely with honors and major-specific advisors to register for courses each semester. Our honors advisors also take a personal interest in each student and help them reach their full potential. Need advice? Contact one of the following people:

Honors College Scholars, Experiential Learning Scholars, and Global & Community Leadership Honors:
Amy Atkisson, Director of Honors Advising and Retention (
Mellissa Taylor, Assistant Director of Honors Advising and Retention (

Science and Technology Honors:
Clay Walls, Program Manager (

University Honors:
Rebecca Freeman, Program Coordinator (

Fall 2014 registration opens on April 7, 2014.

Student Leadership

The Honors College sponsored a Student Leadership Retreat February 7-8 at YMCA Camp Hargis. A steering committee of student leaders is currently working on establishing standing committees and leadership positions.

More information coming soon!


Thanks to the generous support of UAB alumni and friends, the Honors College offers approximately 10-15 scholarships each year for outstanding students.
  • Britt and Susan Sexton Endowed Honors Scholarship
  • Edith and Franklyn Zimmerman Endowed Honors Scholarship
  • Woman’s Club of the Third District of the Alabama Federation of Women’s Clubs, Inc., Endowed Honors Scholarship

To be considered for these awards, please complete the HC Scholarship Application Form no later than April 18, 2014.

Additional endowed scholarship support is available for students enrolled in the Science and Technology Honors Program and the University Honors Program.

Departmental Honors

Upperclassmen honors students often pursue departmental honors opportunities unique to their fields of study. These discipline-specific honors programs strive to meet the unique interests and abilities of upperclassmen who are ready to deeply engage their disciplines through advanced coursework and research. Departmental honors courses may count towards fulfilling the minimum requirement of 18 honors credit hours.

Fifth-Year & Fast-Track

UAB offers numerous fast-track and fifth-year masters programs to its exceptionally motivated students. Each of these programs helps students achieve a strong future faster than traditional programs. With fast-track and fifth-year programs, students are able to earn both their undergraduate degree and master’s degrees in just five years of accelerated studies. This allows students to move forward in their career or into a professional or Ph.D. program earlier. A little extra time and some extra work go a long way with these accelerated programs.

  • Fifth Year Master's in Biology
    In the Fifth Year Master's in Biology program, students earn a bachelor's and master's in a total of five years while working closely with a faculty mentor.
  • 3-2 Program in Occupational Therapy
    If you already know your future is in occupational therapy, there’s no reason to wait eight years to get there.
  • Fast-Track Master's Programs in Engineering
    UAB's School of Engineering offers motivated students the opportunity to earn both their bachelor's and master's in five years in programs in these areas of engineering: biomedical, civic, electrical, materials and mechanical.
  • Fifth Year Master's in Computer and Information Sciences
    The Fifth Year Master's in Computer and Information Sciences enables superior students to complete their bachelor's and accelerate their progress toward a master's degree—and, along the way, to receives benefits such as lab space and funding.
  • Fast-Track Master of Accounting
    The Fast-Track Master of Accounting program in UAB's School of Business is open to high-achieving undergraduate students pursuing a bachelor's degree in accounting.
  • 5th Year MPH Program
    As a field, public health has the power to shape society and civilization. The Public Health Fast Track M.P.H. program gets you there sooner, helping you earn your master’s degree in public health in just five years.
  • Fast-Track Program in Mathematics
    Students in the UAB Fast-Track in Mathematics program navigate through an accelerated curriculum that enables them to complete both their undergraduate and master's degrees in four to five years.