About the Honors College

honors-college-studyThe UAB Honors College is an academic community of intellectually curious students and talented faculty who use their knowledge to make the world a better place. Our College is home to students from all 7 undergraduate colleges and schools and includes a mixture of challenging courses and academic enrichment (undergraduate research, international study, internships, and service-learning). All honors students receive priority course registration and have access to honors residence hall communities.Within the Honors College, students follow one of five paths:

Honors College Learning Outcomes

All UAB Honors College students will be able to ...
  • Use standard, edited American English
  • Consider audience and purpose
  • Select the appropriate tone and genre
  • Adapt to different writing situations
  • Build a clear, cohesive argument
  • Effectively revise and proof materials
Collect and organize credible evidence
  • Formulate questions
  • Evaluate arguments
  • Construct arguments
  • Employ knowledge to solve problems
  • Identify common characteristics and differences across domains
  • Extend knowledge from one discipline to another
  • Synthesize expertise from multiple disciplines
  • Apply knowledge outside of the classroom
  • Organize team structure
  • Identify and work through typical stages of team development
  • Identify individual responsibilities to the team
  • Devise and successful implement team strategies to achieve goals
  • Analyze team effectiveness
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the interrelatedness of local and global issues
  • Demonstrate the ability to conduct multi-perspective analysis of local and global problems
  • Build proficiency in collaborating with community partners to accomplish civic aims
  • Critically reflect on personal civic responsibility and action