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UAB students, faculty and staff can access cloud storage through their Office 365 account, using OneDrive. OneDrive offers up to 5TB of storage, as well as the ability to collaborate and work concurrently with others on your team to edit Office documents. You can share access or links with people on campus and off.

You can also access your content and documents on just about any device — laptops, desktops, phones and tablets — so you can work from anywhere. And the best part? It’s free.

Access OneDrive

Learning Resources

To learn more about using OneDrive, please refer to the following links. NOTE: If the videos do not play on your browser, please try a different one.

  • Uploading files and folders to OneDrive (video)
  • Creating Files and Folders in One Drive (video)
  • Restoring Deleted files in One Drive (video)
  • Sharing Files and Folders (video)
    • NOTE: UAB currently limits external sharing to those with Office 365 accounts.
  • Setting up OneDrive on Your Phone or Tablet (video)
  • Using the OneDrive Mobile App (video)
  • UAB knowledge base help

Syncing with OneDrive

Using OneDrive Files On-Demand with Windows

Syncing files from OneDrive to your computer allows you to access your files, even when you’re offline. OneDrive Files On-Demand, available with Windows 10, also lets you view everything stored in your OneDrive account from your local machine, and immediately download copies of files you need, as you need them. OneDrive Files On-Demand enables you to easily work with application and file types that do not currently support cloud storage. Files can be synced back up to OneDrive for long-term storage and removed from your machine to free up space, until they are needed again.

Not Using OneDrive Files On-Demand or Sync

Certain applications do not support cloud storage and require a local copy of files to function as intended. If you are not using OneDrive Files On-Demand or OneDrive Sync, you can manually save a copy of needed files to your computer or a department share folder, space permitting. If you are interested in using OneDrive Files On-Demand or OneDrive Sync, please see the information above.

OneDrive Service Limits

Items and files

A file’s entire path, including its name, must be fewer than 400 characters. For information about characters that cannot be used in file names, see Invalid characters in file and folder names. For information about blocked file name extensions, see Types of files that cannot be added to a list or library. For more information about restrictions and limitations, like size limits for syncing files, and character limits for files and folders, see Restrictions and limitations when you sync files and folders.

File size

Files must be smaller than 15 GB.


For optimum performance, we recommend storing no more than 100,000 files in a single OneDrive. If you use the previous OneDrive for Business sync client (Groove.exe), the sync limit per library is 5,000 items.