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Wimba Voice and Vista

Perfect for language learning and creating vocal exercises in any subject, our web-based voice tools facilitate and promote vocal instruction, collaboration, coaching, and assessment. Increase the interaction and student engagement level of any online class by allowing faculty and students to easily embed vocal interactions into the Blackboard Vista environment.

The Wimba PowerLink enables Blackboard users to seamlessly add Wimba's Voice Tools software to their online courses.

The information on this page and more can be found at the Wimba website.

Introduction to Wimba

Humanize and personalize your online courses by using threaded voice boards, embedded voice within course pages, and live group discussions and debates.

  1. Live Conversation and/or Voice Coaching; 
  2. Threaded Voice Boards; 
  3. Embedded Voice within Course Pages;

Wimba Voice is integrated into the course management systems so it has the same look and feel as other tools, significantly reducing barriers of adoption and minimizing learning curves. Wimba Voice tools appear within your Blackboard Vista like any other resource; if you know how to use your Bb Vista, you already know how to use Wimba Voice!

For more info on Wimba Voice, visit the website:

Wimba Voice Tutorials

Using Voice Recorder

Creating a Voiceboard Post

Creating a New Slide in Voice Presenter

Creating a New Podcast

Additional Resources

Wimba Voice User Guide (Instructor/Designer) Adobe PDF File

Wimba Voice Participant/User Guide (Students) Adobe PDF File

Wimba Support Site

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