UAB on iTunes U screen shot and linkLaunch UAB on iTunes UUAB on iTunes U provides access to a wide range of academic and informational content of interest to both the university and wider communities. The audio and video content is accessed via the iTunes U area of the iTunes Store, Apple’s online music, video and podcast service. This public site includes lectures, presentations, interviews, news, music, and more, all of which can be downloaded to your portable media device or computer.

UAB iTunes U allows the University to share informative and educational content with the public, furthering our institutional mission of excellence in teaching, research, and service. The site includes select content drawn from many campus entities with the goals of sharing academic knowledge, as well as pertinent information about the University of Alabama at Birmingham community. All content posted on UAB on iTunes U is available to the general public.

To learn more, explore this site and UAB on iTunes U.