3D Digital Projections

Put on your 3D Anaglyphic glasses and experience the Light Dreams II main event as the ASC building is transformed into a fascinating moving, morphing, animated 3D masterpiece. This show will thrill with...

ARTISTA SOMNIA - "The "Artista Somnia" sequence of five dreams now comes to life in full Anaglyph 3D. Put your 3D glasses on, and enjoy the ride. Pick up your pair of 3D glasses at the kiosk.

Alessia's Phantasma - This dance video tells the story of Alessia opening her box of dreams, and they all come leaping out. This project entails an approximate 5-minute architecturally mapped video projection. Dreams within a dream come to life in Alessia's imagination, illustrated with multiple layers of HD live motion video composited together with visually stylistic environments and objects.
What is Your Light Dream - The artist takes the dreams and wishes submitted from our community from the “What is Your Light Dream?” project and turns those hopes into a beautiful moving tribute to Birmingham and her people – this year with 3D elements!

Vulcan's Fury - A 3D interactive show where all audience members can get involved in the 3D architecturally-mapped fun. Using smartphones to control individual avatars, only together can we save the people of our city from devastation!

3D Anaglyphic glasses will be provided for all!