Community Services staff are focused on library connections to and services for the larger community outside of UAB. As part of that goal, we partner with a number of local, regional and national organizations to improve access to reliable, current health information and services for Alabama residents. Some primary examples include:

  • Health InfoNet of Alabama – An award-winning consumer health information service of the state’s medical and public libraries. Formed initially as a partnership between Lister Hill Library and the Jefferson County public libraries in 1999 (now statewide), this program features training workshops for public library staff and consumers, backup reference service for consumer health questions by the medical libraries in the partnership, and a database of Alabama health services on the Health InfoNet web site (
  • Healthy Spirit – A partnership between Health InfoNet and Congregations for Public Health, Inc., to address health disparities by improving access to and understanding of health information through local church health ministries.

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