Classroom Procedure

1) All class and meeting rooms are to be used for the purpose stated in the request.

2) It is the responsibility of the room requestor to ensure the room is left in the same manner as when the event started. 

  • All garbage and excess paper is to be removed or bagged properly. 
  • These rooms can be reconfigured for event, however any and all changes will be done by the requestor or his/her group.
  • The room is to be returned to its original configuration and condition at the conclusion of the event.
  • These housekeeping policies are to ensure that your colleagues will have a fresh start on the room and their event.

3) Be cognizant of other classes and events. Please finish up approximately 10 minutes before the end of class or event. This will allow time for next group to be in and ready to begin next event.

4) We need your help in maintaining the working condition of the equipment in the rooms. If there is an issue with equipment or software, please contact the LRC Staff so the issue can be handled appropriately. Please do not try to handle problem yourself.

5) If you require any special equipment for your event, these resources can be requested using the 25Live scheduling system. 

  • If, during event, there is an issue with A/V equipment, please contact the LRC @ 4-5146. An A/V tech will be dispatched to handle the issue.

6) Most classrooms come with the following A/V equipment. If other equipment is needed, please add to request or contact the LRC:

   -Mounted AMX touch panel controls
   -Mounted projector and screen
   -Lectern with VGA or HDMI laptop connection
   -Wireless microphone
   -Ceiling speakers

Meeting Room Procedures

1) Sign in sheets are posted daily on each door. These rooms are on a first come-first serve basis unless previously reserved by faculty.  Please sign in using your:

   -# IN GROUP

2) These rooms are for group work. If you need a quiet place, there are 2 Quiet Rooms, 258 and 262, for non-intrusive studying. Meeting rooms require 2 or more people present.

3) Please be considerate of other students, staff, and faculty when signing up for a room.  Others need to use the room as well (ie Don't sign up for the whole day if your group will only be using the room for an hour).

4) Personal belongings cannot secure a room.  The LRC is not responsible for lost or missing items.  Items left unattended for more than 15 minutes, will be removed and the room will be considered vacant and available to others.

Weekend and After-Hours Events Policies

1) Housekeeping services are not available on weekends and evenings. Therefore, groups using facilities during these time periods are expected to place all litter and food and beverage waste into trash receptacles, leaving the facility in good order.

2) Please check to ensure that adequate trash receptacles are available in the facility that you will be using.

3) Following the event, securing the plastic liners of the receptacles will ensure that pests are not attracted to the waste before housekeeping personnel can empty the receptacles.

4) It should not be assumed that the removal of excess food and beverages is the responsibility of caterers.

5) Signs posted prior to the event should be removed immediately following the event.

6) Cancellations must be submitted to the LRC for cancelled events, so that building security arrangements can be updated accordingly.