1)  The Computer Commons Area of the LRC is considered to be a collaborative learning environment.  This type of learning experience is encouraged in the LRC.  Students can work in groups around terminals. Be respectful to those around you.

2)  Displaying inappropriate items is considered a misuse of the computers and fall under the UAB policies for inappropriate computer usage.  Examples of this are sexually explicit, graphically disturbing, or harassing images or text.  Please refer to UAB Policy for Acceptable Use of Computer and Network Resources.

3)  Installation of software or configuring changes are coordinated by the LRC.

4)  The commons area has 2 WEPA print stations and 1 copier for your use. Copying is $.09 per page single-sided B&W only.  Printing is $0.09 for single-sided B&W; $0.36 for single0-sided Color; $0.16 for double-sided B&W; $0.69 Double-sided Color.

5)  Certain items may be checked out from the LRC Information Desk.  These items have a 3 day usage with weekend days not included.  These items include:

  • Blood Pressure cuffs
  • Stethoscopes
  • Ophthalmic/Otoscopes
  • Tuning Forks
  • Reflex Hammers

If not returned or re-checked out, student could have fines applied to their UAB account at $1.00/day and possible hold on grades and future registration. 

Also, there are items that can be used only in the LRC and cannot leave the LRC. These items are:

  • Headphones
  • Calculators
  • Selected instructor material and videos