The Learning Resource Center (LRC) maintains computer testing labs in the LRC and Lister Hill (LH) Library for the School of Health Professions (SHP) and School of Nursing (SON).

All testing lab scheduling requests must be made through the online request system by faculty or staff. Testing Lab request are made via 25Live Scheduling System:

NOTE: Firefox is the recommended web browser for 25Live

The LRC and LH Testing Labs are for the use of the SHP and SON faculty, staff and students. SHP and SON academic testing have priority scheduling. SHP and SON academic and testing lab requests will be processed before all other event requests. Once SHP and SON academic requests have been processed all other LH event requests will be processed as received.

Each testing lab workstation is only accessible to SHP and SON academically registered students only. User authentication is required via Blazer Id and Password for access to the testing station.

Each testing lab has an instructor’s workstation available to SHP and SON faculty and staff. User authentication is required via Blazer Id and Password for instructor station access.

Lister Hill Library will have the use of the G17 Testing Lab only. SHP and SON academic classroom and testing event requests will take priority over all other event requests. The Lister Hill will be supplied with user access accounts for the G17 Testing Lab only.

The LRC testing labs are managed by the LRC. The LRC works with UAB IT to maintain all LRC testing labs which includes hardware and software. Any issues or problems experienced within the LRC testing labs are to be reported to the LRC. The LRC will be responsible for coordinating testing lab issues/problems with UAB IT or. UAB Telecommunications.

All LRC testing lab computers will offer the following software applications:
Internet Explorer
Google Chrome
MS Office 2016
Endnote X7
Adobe Acrobat Reader
SAS 9.4
Respondus Lock Down Browser

Additional software applications must be coordinated with the LRC. Due to the client –server architecture of the LRC Testing Labs, changes or additions to the software listing provided above requires extensive programming changes. As a result, changes to the software provided in the LRC testing labs cannot be implemented on an ad hoc basis. Therefore software changes or additions will not be processed during the academic semester.

Any changes to the testing lab software offerings are implemented during semester breaks. Software changes or additions must be submitted to the LRC, the LRC will coordinate the software requests with UAB IT. It is recommended that all software requests be submitted as far in advance as possible. The software must be UAB compliant and be compatible with the current LH testing lab software offerings. Please allow at least three weeks for processing, programming, and testing of the software application.

Learning Resource Center (LRC) Testing Lab Locations

Learning Resource Center:
LRC 215 - 30 Testing Stations
LRC 219 - 30 Testing Stations
LRC 210A - 27 Testing Stations

Lister Hill:
LH G13 - 55 Testing Stations
LH G15 - 60 Testing Stations
LH G17 - 38 Testing Stations

School of Health Professions Building (SHPB):
SHPB 421 - 30 Testing Stations