StoryCorps Interview: Glenny and Jon Brock

In January of 1965 Jonn Marshall Brock at the age of 22 was became a patient at Brice Mental Health facility in Tuscaloosa Alabama. At that time there were little resources for people who had a mental illness and John’s parents made the hard decision to have him committed.During a Story Corp interview with his daughter Glenora Louis Brock, Jon recalls the time when he was receiving electro-shock therapy treatments at Brice. Recorded 1/9/2011

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  StoryCorps Interview: John Marshall Brock and Glenny Brock by

Edited and transcribed by Cliff Falen 8/2011

John spent a total of six months at Brice. During his time at Brice he know he was not well, however he also knew that he might spend his whole life there. He was determined to get better and to secure his release from the hospital. With the help of his family, especially his parents, John succeeded in obtaining that release in June of 1965 and has been a model of humility and humanity ever since. He is currently an advocate, working with people who are still in hospitals like Brice, helping them to make their lives better.

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