The 1917 Clinic offers several internship opportunities.

Social Services Internship - Please contact your instructor directly.

Prevention Services Internship -

Prevention Services Internships are available to students in Health Education, Health Promotion, and Public Health, among other disciplines. Interested UAB students should apply by completing an application on DragonTrail (when available, HIV Testing Job ID:14490, SHAPE Job ID: 14233). Other interested individuals should apply by sending a resume and cover letter to Kachina Kudroff, Please indicate which position(s) you are applying for.

NOTE: UAB MPH students should apply for the SHAPE internship by following the instructions in the Dragon Trail post. Interested applicants who are not MPH students should send their resume and cover letter directly to Kachina.

The timeline for the internship process for Spring 2016 is as follows:
  • March 18th - Application Deadline
  • March 29th to April 6th  - Conduct Interviews
  • April 11th - Deadline to Extend Offers
  • April 15th - Deadline to Accept Offers
  • May 9th - Internship Start Date (Flexible)
  • August 5th - Internship End Date (Flexible)

For more information, please contact Kachina Kudroff, (205)996-4119,