Our 60+ associated faculty bridge a range of 19 basic science and clinical departments at UAB including Neurobiology, Cell Developmental & Integrative Biology, Genetics, Psychiatry/Behavioral Neurobiology, Neurology, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Psychology, Pediatrics, Immunology/Rheumatology, Surgery/Neurosurgery, Microbiology, Biochemistry & Molecular Genetics, Pathology, Comparative Medicine, Vision Sciences and Biomedical Engineering. The links below lead to a variety of departmental websites. Current members include (in alphabetical order):

First Name Last Name Degree Title Department
Scott R. Barnum Ph.D. Professor Microbiology
Etty Benveniste Ph.D. Professor and Chair Cell, Developmental & Integrative Biology
Mark O.  Bevensee Ph.D. Associate Professor Cell, Developmental & Integrative Biology
Michael    Brenner Ph.D. Professor Neurobiology
William J.  Britt M.D. Professor Pediatrics
Donald B. Buchsbaum Ph.D. Professor Radiation Oncology
Rita  Cowell  Ph.D. Research Instructor Psychiatry
Tara  DeSilva Ph.D. Assistant Professor Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Lynn  Dobrunz  Ph.D. Associate Professor Neurobiology
Candace  Floyd  Ph.D. Assistant Professor Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Catherine  Fuller Ph.D. Associate Professor Cell, Developmental & Integrative Biology
G. Yancey  Gillespie Ph.D. Professor Neurosurgery
Michelle Gray Ph.D. Assistant Professor Neurology
Corinne Griguer Ph.D. Assistant Professor Neurosurgery
Maurizio  Grimaldi M.D.,Ph.D. Director Neuropharmacology/SRI
Alecia Gross Ph.D. Associate Professor Vision Sciences
John  Hablitz  Ph.D. Professor Neurobiology
Inga  Kadisha Ph.D. Assistant Professor Cell
Gwendalyn  King  Ph.D. Assistant Professor Neurobiology
Peter H. King M.D. Professor Neurology
Bruce  Korf  M.D. Professor and Chair Genetics
Robin A.J. Lester  Ph.D. Professor Neurobiology
Farah  Lubin  Ph.D. Assistant Professor Neurobiology
James M. Markert M.D. Professor Neurosurgery
Amie McLain   Professor and Chair Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
 Lori  McMahon Ph.D. Professor Cell, Developmental & Integrative Biology
James  Meador-Woodruff  M.D. Professor and Chair Psychiatry
Ludwine  Messiaen  Ph.D. Professor Genetics
Casey Morrow Ph.D. Professor Cell, Developmental & Integrative Biology
Joanne  Murphy-Ullrich Ph.D. Professor Molecular Cellular Pathology
L. Burt Nabors M.D. Professor Neurology
Jayne M.  Ness  M.D. Associate Professor Pediatrics
Anthony Nicholas M.D.,Ph.D. Associate Professor Neurology
Thomas A. Novack Ph.D. Professor Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Michelle  Olsen  Ph.D. Assistant Professor Cell, Developmental & Integrative Biology
Vladimir  Parpura  M.D.,Ph.D. Associate Professor Neurobiology
Alan K.  Percy  M.D. Professor Pediatrics
Lucas D.  Pozzo-Miller  Ph.D. Professor Neurobiology
Alyssa T.  Reddy M.D. Professor Pediatrics
Erik  Roberson M.D.,Ph.D. Associate Professor Neurology
Kevin A.  Roth M.D.,Ph.D. Professor and Chair Pathology
Brian  Sims  M.D.,Ph.D. Assistant Professor Pediatrics
David G.  Standaert  M.D.,Ph.D. Professor and Chair Neurology
J. David  Sweatt  Ph.D. Professor and Chair Neurobiology
Anne  Theibert  Ph.D. Associate Professor Neurobiology
Donald Twieg Ph.D. Professor Biomedical Engineering
Thomas A. van Groen Ph.D. Associate Professor Cell, Developmental & Integrative Biology
Jacques  Wadiche Ph.D. Assistant Professor Neurobiology
Linda O.  Wadiche  Ph.D. Associate Professor Neurobiology
Andrew West Ph.D. Associate Professor Neurology
Scott M.  Wilson  Ph.D. Associate Professor Neurobiology
J. Michael Wyss Ph.D. Professor Cell, Developmental & Integrative Biology