Core C: Cellular Physiology Resource

Director: P.Darwin Bell, PhD (843) 792-0965 
Erik M. Schwiebert, PhD
                        (205) 934-6234

This Core provides a comprehensive facility to establish cell lines and perform state-of-the-art physiological experiments in cells and tissues from mouse models of PKD.

Currently, we have the capability to establish primary and immortalized cell lines from mice provided by the investigator or mice that are generated by the UAB RPKDCC Core B. Depending upon the interest of the investigator, cell lines can be established from specified ductal tissues, including specific nephron segments, liver or pancreas. Authenticity of the cell lines will be evaluated by molecular and immunological characterization.

In addition, Core facilities can provide detailed evaluation of water and ion transport pathways through measurements of membrane potentials, short circuit currents, and transepithelial voltages. Using conventional imaging, confocal, or 2-photon fluorescence microscopy, measurements of intracellular and subcellular concentrations of calcium, pH, and sodium are currently available. In addition, patch clamp techniques are also available that can be used to determine whole cell or single channel currents.

Core Services for 2006 
( Contact Director for protocol details)

1. Primary cell culture
$1,000/primary culture
2. Primary cell cultures and immortalization
$2,500/cell line
3. Physiological characterization
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