Brief History of Immunology at UAB (1990-Present)

by J. Claude Bennett

Charles Elson, M.D., was appointed Director of the Division of Gastroenterology in the early 1990’s and developed an outstanding program to Elson-Kimberly-Davisstudy various aspects of gut immunology, with special focus on Crohn’s disease. Elson now heads the interdisciplinary program in Autoimmune Diseases at UAB. Ron Acton, PhD turned his interests to immunogenetics and continued his association with the Department of Medicine and Department of Genetics.

Robert Kimberly, M.D., was recruited to be Director of the Division of SmallBridges-CarterClinical Immunology and Rheumatology in 1994 and established an exemplary program in autoimmune diseases. Robert Carter, M.D., succeeded Kimberly when the latter became Associate Dean for Research. Louis Bridges, M.D., Ph.D., became Division Director when Carter moved to the NIH.

ChaplinJust after the turn of the century, David Chaplin., M.D., PhD,  was appointed Chair of the Department of Microbiology and has continued the legacy of excellence in immunology.

DiethelmClinicThe magnificent developments in transplantation at UAB, as initiated by Gil Diethelm, M.D., especially in the Department of Surgery, have moved UAB into an enviable position as a world class Transplantation Center.

The Immunology Program has  collaborative relationships with nearly every Department and Center in the Medical School. Its students, postdocs and faculty have continued to “make-good” here and at other institutions.


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