Seminars are in the Bevill Biomedical Research Building, room 170, on the dates shown below, from 4:00 - 5:00 p.m.





9/3/2015 Robin Hatton, PhD UAB The expanding universe of IL-2 regulation
9/10/2015 Susan Bellis, PhD UAB Regulation of cell survival by glycan-dependent death receptor signaling
 9/17/2015  Hui Xu, PhD UAB  Mechanisms of ultraviolet radiation induced immune suppression
10/1/2015 Mariana Kaplan, PhD NIH-NIAMS Neutrophils in systemic autoimmunity: casting the NET widely
10/8/2015 John Teijaro, PhD Scripps Research Institute Unexpected Roles for Type 1 Interferon: Promoting Immunopathology and Virus Persistence -­ 2 Sides of the Same Coin
10/15/2015 Janusz Kabarowski, PhD UAB Modulating HDL to Identify Novel Immune Suppressive and Anti-inflammatory Lipids in Lupus
10/29/2015 Rosa Serra, PhD UAB Mechanisms of chondroprotection by TGF-beta
11/5/2015 Rae S.M. Yeung, MD University of Toronto, Canada Of Mice and Men - Lessons Learned from Kawasaki Disease
11/12/2015 Troy Randall, PhD UAB Anti-tumor immunity in the peritoneal cavity
11/19/2015 Ross Kedl, PhD University of Colorado Denver T cell vaccinology: what infections are not telling us
11/26/2015 Thanksgiving Holiday - No seminar
12/3/2015 S. Louis Bridges, Jr, MD, PhD UAB  Insights into the Role of Genetics in Rheumatoid Arthritis
 12/10/2015  Yi-Guang Chen, PhD Medical College of Wisconsin, Max McGee National Research Center   Zinc-finger nuclease medaited mutagenesis reveals role of CD137 in type 1 diabetes
12/17/2015 John Mountz, MD, PhD UAB  Interferon-induced mechanosensing defects impede apoptotic cell clearance in lupus
12/24/2015 Christmas Holiday - No Seminar
12/31/2015 New Year Holiday - No Seminar
1/7/2016 Harry W. Schroeder, Jr, MD, PhD UAB  Selective forces that shape and restrict the antibody repertoire
1/14/2016 Brian Evavold, PhD Emory University  Force awakens T cell activation
1/21/2016 Hubert Tse, PhD UAB  The first six years flew by...OR An update on Type 1 diabetes research
1/28/2016 Qi-Jing Li, PhD Duke University Medical Center  microRNA, a Micromanager with Many Faces
2/4/2016 Etty Benveniste, PhD UAB  Protein Kinase CK2: From Cancer to Autoimmunity
2/11/2015 Michael Saag, MD UAB  HIV Bedside to Bench: A model for translational science
2/18/2016 Marcus Clark, MD The University of Chicago  Targetting Ig-kappa recombination in lymphopoiesis
2/25/2016 Xu Feng, PhD UAB  Osteoimmunology in Inflammatory Bone Loss
3/5/2016 Marion Pepper, PhD University of Washington, Seattle  The differentiation of Allergen-specific Th2 memory cells
3/10/2016 Allan Zajac, PhD UAB  The ascent of memory T cells
3/17/2016 John Volanakis Immunology Lecture

Susan Kaech, PhD
Yale School of Medicine
HHMI Early Career Scientist
 PEPing up T cell responses to infection and cancer
3/31/2016 Robert Stroud Advanced Immunology Trainee Seminar

Sara Stone, MSTP Trainee

Carson Moseley, Graduate Student

T-bet regulates memory B cell and long-lived plasma cell development in an influenza model
A transcriptional regulatory mechanism governing Th17-driven autoimmunity
4/14/2016 Hongbo Chi, PhD St. Jude Children's Hospital, Memphis, TN mTOR and metabolic control of T cell fate
4/21/2016 John D. Rioux, PhD Montreal Heart Institute
University of Montreal
Going from genetic association to a better biologic understanding and treatment of inflammatory bowel diseases
4/28/2016 Matthew Pipkin, PhD The Scripps Research Institute, FL Unraveling How Chromatin Structure Regulates Transcription and the Differentiation of CD8 T cells
5/19/2016 Ravi Bathia, MD UAB Regulation and Targeting of Leukemia Stem Cells
5/26/2016 Brian Rudd, MPH, PhD Cornell University Mechanisms limiting the formation of memory CD8+ T cells in early life


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