Prospective sites must first complete the online application form. Sites will then be contacted by the DCC to assist with the remainder of the enrollment process.

Intermacs Application

The following documentation will be required prior to activation:

  • Institutional Review Board/Ethics Board Approval or Exemption
  • Approved Informed Consent(s) and Authorization(s) or Waiver
  • Federal Wide Assurance Number
  • Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) Certification
  • Privacy Awareness Training,
Follow the steps below to access the Privacy Awareness Training module:
  1. Click on "Public Access to NIH Courses Enter Here" (bottom left hand corner)
  2. Click on "Enter Training"
  3. Click on "Entire Privacy Awareness Course"
  4. Upon completion of the course print or save the certificate of training completion
  5. Submit the "Privacy Awareness Course" certificate of completion to Intermacs