Intermacs is happy to announce two additions coming soon to the Web Based Data Entry system. Active centers that have an executed licensing agreement will have access to:
1) Cohort Comparison Reports
2) Outcome Analytics Reports

The Cohort Comparison Reports include selection of a single cohort from your center, comparison of subgroups (ex. male and female) at your center, or comparison of a cohort vs. an equivalent Intermacs cohort. Each Cohort Comparison Report has bar charts and frequencies to allow centers to explore patient characteristics from several key items.

In an effort to provide centers with outcome analytic measures on a selected cohort, Intermacs has developed the Outcome Analytic Reports. The structure is similar to the Cohort Comparison Report, yet the user will be able to generate Kaplan-Meier survival from their selected cohort.

The Licensing Agreement must be completed by a signing official for the center.

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