Resident Committees

Medical Student Education Committee
Goss (Chair) Von Hofe B-Smith
Boone Fort Alvarez
Wait Nadeau  

The Medical Student Education Committee meets after each medical student rotation to discuss the performance of those students that have recently completed the OB-Gyn clerkship. During this time, student grades and evaluations are reviewed, as are suggestions for improving the clerkship. This committee also meets every Wednesday at 4:30PM.

Resident Education
Malek (Chair) Wait Bhullar
Boone (Co-Chair) Daily  
Martin Nadeau  

This committee will serve as the cornerstone for design and implementation of educational programs for our residency in OB/Gyn. Educational objectives will follow guidelines as established by the Council on Resident Education in Obstetrics and Gynecology.

The Department’s Resident Education Committee annually reviews objectives by year and by rotation and then these are distributed to each resident. Resident progress in achieving these goals and objectives is assessed every 6 months during his/her mid-year and end-of-year meeting with the Program Director or more frequently upon need/request. Select reading lists are provided to supplement the curriculum for core rotations. 

The Resident Education Committee is chaired by the Program Director and reports to the Chairman.

Resident Selection
Nguyen (Chair) Ankumah Shine
Gunn Malek Alvarez
Boone Chappell Lees
Porter Von Hofe  

The Resident Selection Committee convenes several times a year to discuss applicant trends, not only for our program, but national trends too. The Committee defines applicant criteria used for offering interviews. The faculty and residents are charged with the duty of evaluating all applicant files along with interviewing the selected applicants. This Committee aids in defining the rank list each year.

Ethics Committee
Bounkeua (Chair) Goss Fort
Martin (Co-Chair) Sanders  
Durst Pasko  

The Resident Ethics Committee (REC) is composed of residents from each class and faculty with an expressed interest in ethics and is charged with identifying relevant ethical and moral issues encountered in resident training or in patient care.

The Ethics’ Journal Club is designed to engage the residents, through both reading and discussion, in current OB/Gyn ethical and controversial medical issues. This journal club format specifically provides the residents with a structured, faculty-facilitated, opportunity to evaluate and discuss ethics in medicine by examining positions that surround controversial OB/Gyn topics in patient care. The journal club meets annually and has required participation by all residents. Topics for the discussion are selected by the REC and must be approved by the Program Director.

Resident Retreat
Banahan (Chair) Sanders Pasko
Gunn (Co-Chair) Landers B-Smith
Juneau H-Smith Siegel

The Resident Retreat Committee is responsible for the various tasks involved with the annual resident retreat. Some of the various tasks include finding a location to have retreat and choosing a group activity that is fun, challenging, and team oriented. The committee also plans the menu, makes sure things are in place for the intern games, and coordinates the schedules.

Resident Social Committee
Malek (Chair) Daily Bhullar
Durst Glover  
Divine Siegel  

The Social Committee’s task is to assist the Program Coordinator with planning of Pre-Chiefs, Chiefs, the annual Intern Party, and the Match Party. They also plan other minor functions regarding resident social events.

Applicant Dinner Committee
Banahan (Chair) Nguyen Becker
Juneau Landers  
Ankuman Lees  

The Applicant Dinner Committee serves as an adjunct to the Resident Selection Committee. This committee is responsible for identifying a location to host the applicants on the evening before their interview. They also assist in contacting applicants both before and after their interview and arranging transportation.

Electronic Resource Committee
Chappell (Chair) H-Smith
Porter Shine
Glover Becker

The Electronic Resource Committee (ERC) contributes to the oversight and development of the Department's electronic resources, including the residency program's website, the education office newsletter (soon to be replaced by a Department of Ob/Gyn blog), and other online resources for the program. The ERC will work closely with the Associate Director of Education and Program Director.

House Staff Council
Martin (Chair) Bounkeua