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“The JUST G® brand is something that we are both extremely passionate about. We believe that cleaning products don’t have to be harsh to be effective and we’ve made it our mission to create a product line that would prove this!" George and Freda Green

® is a versatile and environmentally friendly cleaner that destroys dirt and grease on contact while reducing chemical toxins and safe guarding your health and the health of your employees.  It's a non-caustic and non-fuming industrial cleaning solution that can be used on practicallansurface, fabric, omaterial thawatecabuseoincludinleatherconcrete, wood, plastictile, glasanmetaltnamfew

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History of JUST G®

JUST G® was originally formulated in 1994 by George W. Green, Jr. owner and operator of Metro Chemicals, Inc. George, a native of Jacksonville, Alabama has over four decades of experience manufacturing and distributing janitorial and automotive cleaning products.

In 2011 George and his daughter Freda Green joined forces to form Just G Products, LLC.   The duo – determined to create a   line of cleaning products with a responsible carbon foot-print – have  worked tirelessly to bring this environmentally conscious product to consumers like you.

George & Freda Green bring more than five decades of industry experience to the JUST G® project. George’s background in conceptualizing, creating, and distributing industrial cleaning solutions coupled with Freda’s experience directing resource operations for large and small firms has resulted in a perfect-storm partnership.