While UAB does not require its vendors to be certified by external certification agencies to do business with the university, the Federal Government requires that all vendors are registered with the U.S. Small Business Agency (SBA) and /or the Central Contractor Registration (CCR) when doing business through UAB on Federal grants and contracts.  The Department of Supplier Diversity strongly recommends that UAB vendors secure SBA and or CCR registration as a result of this Federal mandate.

Please complete this vendor application form and return with a completed W-9. IRS regulations require that we issue 1099 forms to certain companies and individuals. To accurately prepare these forms the IRS requires us to maintain form W-9 for all of our vendors.


It is essential that you respond to this request. If the federal form W-9 is not returned, the IRS requires us to withhold a portion of all payments made to your account if the payments meet reporting requirements of Form 1099.

To start the "Vendor Application" process, please click here.