Materials Processing and Applications Development (MPAD) Center

Current Students

all students 2013 june

Front Row: Ranae Wright, Alejandra Constante, Kristin Hardin, Theresa Bayush, Melike Onat, Arielle Morimoto, Samuel Jasper, Dr. Haibin Ning
Middle Row: Asif Patel, Pritesh Yeole, Matthew Record, Dr. Dhruv Bansal
Back Row: Raymond Solomon, Danila Kaliberov, John Smith, Peter Barfknecht, Qiushi Wang, Benjamin Willis, Ahmed Arabi, Dr. Brian Pillay 

Kristin Hardin
UAB (B.S.), Pursuing Ph.D.
Research Project: Recycling of thermosets and thermoplastic composites


Siddhartha Brahma
MS New Zealand, Pursuing PhD at UAB
Research Project: Multi-reinforcementl wet laid thermoplastics

Michael Scott Carpenter
BS Civil Engineering (UAB), Pursuing MS at UAB
Research Project: Low cost composites for infrastructure and extremen environments

Daljeet Singh
BS (Pune University), Pursuing MS at UAB
Research Project: Processing modeling of discontinuous fiber thermoplastic composites

Bohao Li
MS (University of Akron), Pursuing PhD at UAB
Research Project: Carbon fiber interface tailoring for thermoset and thermoplastic composites

Pritesh Yeole
Poona University (B.S.)
Research Project: Processing, modeling and characterization of hybrid composites 

Hassen Arabi
Egypt University (M.S.), Pursuing Ph.D.
Research Project: Resonant frequency ultrasonics of composites (pursuing PhD)

Peter Barfknecht
North Dakota State University (B.S.), pursuing Ph.D.
Research Project - Liquid molded thermoplastics

Jonathan Boyd
UAB (B.S.)
Research Project - Acoustic and noise reduction with composites (pursuing MS)  
Alejandre Constante
University of Los Andes, Columbia, Bogota (B.S.)
Research Project -Alage based natural fiber composites (pursuing Ph.D.)

Hicham Ghossein
UAB (M.S.)
Research Project: Surface kinetics and effect of sizing in thermoplastic composites (pursuing Ph.D.)
Danila Kaliberov
University of Alabama at Birmingham (B.S.)
Research Project - Threaded long fiber thermoplastics (pursuing PhD)

Khongor Jaamiyana
Colorado State University (B.S.)
Research Project - Thermoplastic pultrusion (pursuing MS)/Intern at Owens Corning

Samuel Jasper
Moorehouse College (B.S.)
Research Project - Damping of self reinforced composites (pursuing PhD)/Intern at Amtech 

Melike Dizbay-Onat
Auburn University
Research Project - CO2 capture from natural fiber composites (pursuing Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Engineering)

Quishi Wang
Beijing University (B.S.)
Research Project - High temperature performance of thermoplastic composites (pursuing Ph.D.)

Benjamin Willis
UAB (B.S.)
Research Project - High strain rate testing of thermoplastic composites (pursuing Ph.D.)


MPAD Undergraduates and Other Researchers (Partial List) 

(Current and Recent Past) 2007-2013

MPAD has significant involvement of undergraduate researchers. It is often difficult to keep track of where they go after their graduation. The information below is provided to the best of our knowledge.

1. Nicole Mubarak, Materials Science & Engineering

2. Michael Eric Wright, Materials Science & Engineering

3. John Walker, Materials Science & Engineering

4. Asif Patel, Materials Science & Engineering

5. Arielle Aparecida Morimoto, Materials Science & Engineering, Brazil exchange student
6. Michael (Scott) Carpenter, UAB Civil Engineering

7. Carla Smith, UAB MSE

8.  Nicholas Sullins, Jefferson Community College

9. Daniel Creamer (MSE) 

10. Priya Shah (ASFA)  

11. Sean Severson (Washington State University)

12. Stephanie Jacobs (MIles College)   

13.  William Warriner (MSE)

14. Raymond Solomon (ME)

15. Andrew Horton (ME)
16. Ranae Wright (MSE)

17. Emily Willis, Hoover High School

18. Carla Smith (MSE)

19. Marcy Sartain (MSE)

 20. Victor Long, Jr (MSE)

 21. Ameya Vaidya, Auburn University

 22. Hadeel Abdelmajeed (MSE)

 23.  Walter Malone (MSE)

24. Saptarshi Vichare (Mechanical Engineering)

25. David Sexton (MSE)

26. Sueda Baldwin (MSE)

27. Namrata Patel (MSE)

28. Malina Panda (MSE)

29. Helene Ricks (MSE)

30. Saisree Amin (School of Dentistry)

 31. Manveen Kaur (School of Public Health)

 32. ol Vadale (School of Publich Health)

 33. aun Crawford (School of Public Health)

34 Ashu Bansal (Alabama School of Fine Arts)

35 Krishane Suresh (Auburn University)

36. Tffany Williams, Jr (Tuskegee University)

37.Nanette Jover, University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez

38.Satyen Patel (MSE)

39.Neha Amin (Penn State Erie)