Junior Board of Visitors

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Established in 2006, The Junior Board of Visitors was created as a vehicle for a young generation of community leaders to make a contribution to nursing and nursing education through support of UAB’s School of Nursing. The Junior Board was set up in the same spirit as, with the aid of, and as an extension of the senior Board of Visitors. Two members of the senior Board of Visitors work closely as liaisons with the JBOV.


UAB School of Nursing
Junior Board of Visitors

Ashelynn Falkenburg Smith, Chair
Sidney Wood Clapp & Kate Wood Hamilton, Co-Chairs 
 John Bankhead    Emory Horne Kent
Jim Beatty   Julia Williams King
Franklin Bradford   Elizabeth Hassinger McCoin
Gerry Cabaniss   Dottie Mitchell
Mary Katherine Luckie Cabaniss   Sarah Peinhardt
 Meredith Ray Calhoun   Webster Ray
Anna Bishop Cook   Laura Hale Robertson
Ginny Debardeleben   Augusta Hassinger Shearer
Carolyn Ross Jordan   Megan Spain
 Erin Kattus   Angie Wood
  Junior Board of Visitors Liaisons:     Paula Midyette and Jean Tomlinson