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Global Activities in the UAB School of Nursing

Complementing and building on the objectives of the PAHO/WHO Collaborating Center for International Nursing, the School of Nursing faculty and students are involved in a number of other global activities.  To learn more about the School's global activities, please use the links below.

Child Health Nursing Network (Red ENSI)

Educational Programs

E Granary Digital Database of Health Resources

Global Health Professional Fellows Program


2014 Interprofessional Global Health Service Learning

UAB launched an exciting new project where students from all disciplines work together in small teams to apply their education and academic skills, experience, critical thinking, and creativity to develop and provide an innovative solution to real community health challenges.  Please click here for more information.

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Global Health Partnerships

The School of Nursing has many formal and informal international partnerships that promote global initiatives related to teaching, research, and service.  For example, faculty members have forged partnerships in planning and offering study abroad courses, or in offering online classes to students at international sites.  Many faculty members are involved with multi-site research projects that involve collaboration with international colleagues.  This section highlights partnerships in several countries where many of the School’s international initiatives are focused.To learn more about the School's global activies, please use the links below or to the right.