The School of Nursing has been working with partners in Zambia since 2006 on several projects, building on the long-standing partnership established through the Center for Infectious Disease Research in Zambia (CIDRZ), and programs supported by the UAB Sparkman Center for Global Health. One of these projects involves working with the General Nursing Council of Zambia, the Zambia Union of Nursing Organizations, the University of Zambia, the Lusaka School of Nursing, CIDRZ, AIDS Relief, the Zambia Ministry of Health, and other partners to develop a distance-based certificate program to prepare nurses for advanced roles in care, treatment and support of patients with HIV and AIDS. The photo below illustrates many of the key partners who participated in a curriculum development workshop to develop the curriculum for the HIV Nurse Practitioner diploma program in January, 2009.

For information on other collaborations in Zambia please view the Zambia section under Global Health Partnerships in the UAB School of Nursing.

Dr. Lynda Wilson and members of the Curriculum Advisory Group for the HIV Nurse Practitioner Diploma program at a meeting in Zambia January 28, 2009.