Join the Alumni Society

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The purpose of the Nursing Chapter and Nurse Anesthesia Chapter of the UAB National Alumni Society (NAS) is to promote the welfare and excellence of the UAB School of Nursing. It also assists in the development and support of a mutually beneficial relationship between the School and its alumni.

The Nursing and Nurse Anesthesia Chapters actively support many student, alumni, and faculty programs; provide engraving for all graduate pins; and sponsor several student awards. Your dues provide the major source of income for these programs and awards.

Benefits of Joining

By joining one of the UAB School of Nursing Alumni Chapters, you automatically become a member of the UAB National Alumni Society that has one of the most comprehensive membership benefits packages in the country. Members can receive as much as $1,000 in discounts and savings each year. The benefits range from a free alumni visitors parking pass to discounts on Blazer gear & tickets to discounts on insurance and travel. Thousands of alumni, supporters and friends are currently enjoying the many benefits of being a dues-paying member of the UAB National Alumni Society. You also will receive:

  • Formal invitations to all UAB School of Nursing alumni events
  • No cost for continuing education credits offered at the UAB School of Nursing
  • A subscription to UAB Nursing Magazine

How do I become a member? Visit the UAB National Alumni Society website (and be sure to check the Nursing or Nurse Anesthesia Chapter) or contact the School’s Director of Alumni Relations at