xTrain and Paper Submissions


Training grants are mechanisms by which pre and post doctoral students gain research experience. These grants help students establish their research and launch their research careers.


UAB has developed a manual, Post-Award Administration of Training Grants: xTrain and Paper Submissions, to assist PIs, department administrators, trainees, and central administration in processing the various documents required by training grants. Electronic documents, such as appointment and termination notices are submitted through eRA Commons’s xTrain module. However, there are still some documents that NIH still requires in the paper format. Payback agreement, confirmation of residency, and activation notices are three such examples. The purpose of this manual is to provide a complete and precise guide to processing training documents at UAB. It incorporates agency requirements as well as UAB administrative and departmental requirements for both electronic and paper documents.


If you are affiliated with a training grant, please review UAB’s Post Award Administration of Training Grants manual. If you have additional questions that are not addressed in this manual, please send correspondence to askosp@uab.edu.