The OSP has compiled this list to provide a centralized location on our website for UAB forms used in the proposal process, for sponsored projects and for the administration and management of awards. The completion and maintenance of forms play an important role in compliance issues and ensures that actions or activities which require approval(s) have the appropriate signature(s) to indicate that approval. Forms also ensure that UAB internal guidelines and procedures are followed and provide an audit trail should the need arise.

UAB Extramural Support Checklist and Instructions and Glossary

The UAB Expedited Checklist is to be used for submissions that do not require signatures or approvals. The UAB Expedited Checklist should be used for the following submission types:

No-Cost Extensions (NCE) 
Change Dept/Div Affiliation of PI
Project Master Agreements (PMA)
Revised Budgets
Amendments (which do not increase value or change the PI)
Confidentiality Agreements (CDA)
Data Use Agreement (DUA)
Other/Miscellaneous (close out documents)

Rebudgeting Request

Responsible Personnel List
and Instructions


Award Manager / Contact Person Change Request

OSP Required Documents - Federal and Non Profit (reference only) 

OSP Required Documents - Non-Federal and For Profit (reference only)

Scope of Work Template

Subrecipient Forms

Subrecipients Under Uniform Guidance
  Subaward Required Documents (required per subaward)
    Subrecipient's SOW (prepared in accordance with
      the Statement of Work (SOW) Template)
    Budget and Budget Justification
    Third Party Agreement Determination Form
    Subrecipient Assurance Form
    Supplemental Financial Questionnaire (will be requested as needed
      pursuant to section 4 of the Subrecipient Assurance Form)
    Attachment 3A
    Attachment 3B
    Attachment 3B Page 2 (if highest compensated officers information is needed)
    Attachment 4
Note:   At a minimum, the subrecipient's SOW and the Third Party Agreement         
           Determination Form are required for a modular submission.
           The Attachments are required after award of the prime and before the 
           subaward is prepared by OSP.

UAB Forms

Certification of Human Subjects Protection Training and Instructions

Construction Checklist

Cost Sharing Commitment

UAB Direct vs Indirect Cost Policy and Policy and Direct vs Indirect Grid and University Approval for Items Normally Charged as F&A (Indirect) Costs to be Charged as Direct Costs

eRA Commons Account Registration Form

Statement of Intent

In-Kind Cost Sharing Contribution Report 

UAB Facilities by External Entities (For SBIR & STTR)

UAB Indirect Cost Revenue Redistribution Agreement

University Approval for Offset of F&A (Indirect) Costs

VA Memorandum of Understanding and Instructions

Please read the procedures for requesting OSP Ad Hoc Reports and Queries below before filling out the OSP Ad Hoc Request Form: 
Procedures for requesting OSP Ad Hoc Reports and Queries

OSP Ad Hoc Report Request Form

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 Instructions for Filling in Acrobat Forms

On the UAB internal forms and the PHS 398 remote forms, you can type in the information on your browser, print the form by using the Acrobat print command, and then fill in the remaining blanks (e.g., signatures and dates). If a field can be filled in from the browser, the cursor will change when the mouse pointer passes over it. It becomes a text-input cursor for text fields or a pointer for checkbox fields. After the look of the cursor changes, click the mouse, then type in the information you wish to enter in a text field, or click the mouse to check and uncheck boxes. You can use the mouse to move between fields. Or you can use the Tab key to move to the next field, and Shift + Tab to move to the previous field.