Welcome to Pediatrics!

In the next eight weeks, you will be introduced to the primary care specialty of PEDIATRICS. During this rotation, you will become a part of a health-care team, with a responsibility to care for and treat chronically and acutely ill children. In this process, you will learn about the common pediatric disorders. You will also be responsible for learning health maintenance in children and what it means to be a child advocate. Regardless of your anticipated career choice, you will need a strong foundation in Pediatrics. We welcome you to this rotation.

Philosophy: Pediatrics is a primary care subspecialty of medicine, the primary concern of which is the comprehensive and continuing care of children. The basis of Pediatrics resides in an understanding of the growth and development of the human organism as it proceeds from birth to adulthood. Pediatrics is, therefore, not an organ-based specialty but one which evaluates the child, both in health and disease, in terms of developmental physiology and its relationship to both family and society. Education within Pediatrics is patient related and interactive. The student must learn that infants and children are different from adults in their responses to both the environment and to disease. By understanding the child in terms of developmental biology, psychosocial development, and cognitive development, the student will begin to appreciate that area of medicine which is Pediatrics. In dealing with children, the students in Pediatrics will have an opportunity to truly influence the future.


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