Confidential, one-on-one career counseling is available to all UAB postdocs and Graduate Biomedical Science Students. With individualized career counseling, we can help you:

  • Clarify and define your career goals
  • Research and explore career options
  • Identify your strengths and weakness
  • Implement a plan for skills development
  • Develop an effective self-marketing campaign, including job search materials (i.e., CV, resume, cover letter)
  • Prepare for upcoming interviews (academic and industry)

Career Services

Career and Professional Development Services offers a varietyof programs, services and resources to prepare you to enter the competitive market. Collaborate with us and gain the knowledge and confidence to make wise career decisions and achieve career success.

Career Consulting

Confidential career consultants are available by appointment to help address individual and group needs.

The process helps you:

•    Increase awareness of self and of suitable occupations and trends
•    Integrate the two areas to make meaningful career decisions
•    Discuss ways to gain relevant experience depending on your career goal
•    Develop a career and academic plan
•    Perfect your career story, as you integrate experiences into your resume and interviews


Assessments help you identify suitable matches and options based on your responses. To learn more about assessments, visit Explore Tab.

Experiential Education

Gaining experience increases your value to employers.It demonstrates your interest and commitment to the career field and gets your foot in the door with increased abilities, contacts, and/or understanding of the career’s relevance in the organization.

Job Listings (DragonTrail)

Postings of full-time and part-time job openings (both on-campus and off), internships, cooperative education and other professional opportunities are available through DragonTrail, our online career management site.

Career Fairs

The Job and Internship Fair and the Graduate and Professional Schools Fair in the fall, along with fairs dedicated to the individual schools in the spring, provide valuable opportunities for networking, information gathering, part-time and full-time employment, and intern and co-opemployment. For dates and more information, check the calendar of events on and

Career Workshops/Presentations

From “Resume Writing” to “How To Dress For An Interview,” there are a variety of workshop/ presentation topics offered to help you with their career goals. See the events calendar at for upcoming workshops/ presentations. Student groups and faculty may request a career presentation by completing the online request form at

To schedule an appointment, please contact Jami Armbrester at or the UAB Office of Career and Professional Development Services, 205-934-4324 or email

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