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UAB Guideline
These guidelines enable UAB, UABHS, HSF, CEFH, and OSF employees to undertake international travel safely and within the policies and procedures established by these entities and by regulatory authorities.
UAB Policy
This policy details the restrictions and limitations of the Institutional Refund Policy for students withdrawing from classes.
UAB Policy
UAB requires that first-time entering students, international students and scholars, and students in health-related schools provide proof of immunization against certain diseases.
UAB Policy
This policy details compensation for direct and indirect costs on university initiatives.
UAB Policy
This policy is established to provide for the orderly disclosure of UAB records to individuals or entities requesting them. This policy also covers confidentiality of information and disposal of confidential documents.
UAB Policy Library Entry
All UAB activities are subject to audit. This policy explains the function of Office of Internal Audit and describes the standards by which UAB audits are to be conducted.
UAB Policy
UAB's Identity Theft Prevention Policy facilitates the University’s Identity Theft Prevention Program to detect, prevent, and mitigate identity theft in connection with the opening of certain accounts and the maintenance of certain existing accounts.
UAB Procedure
This document describes what petty cash is and contains information on how to request the establishment of a petty cash account. See the Financial Affairs Website for additional guidelines regarding this policy.
UAB Policy
This policy list the requirements and methods of payment for internal consulting by UAB employees.
UAB Policy
This policy identifies who may access personnel files and under what circumstances these files may be obtained.