MD Resident Program: Training

During PGY2 through PGY5, residents generally receive training on the following services during this 4 year period of time:

  • Clinical Radiation Oncology 36-43 months
  • Research or other electives 1- 8 months
  • Dosimetry and treatment planning 1 month
  • Medical Hematology/Oncology 2 months
  • Surgical Pathology 1 month
  • Total 48 months

Residents will find a clinical staff, headed by Dr. James A. Bonner that is eager to train the next generation of radiation oncologists. Residents are trained in a didactic physics course, as well as ongoing physics training during their clinical rotations. The didactic course is given every year and has played a major role in the outstanding performance of our residents in the application of physics-related concepts. Residents are also trained in radiobiology each year through the didactic course. The department has a cohesive group of well-funded radiobiology researchers who take part in the didactic course. Additionally, a weekly radiobiology meeting is held and residents are encouraged to participate in this meeting which highlights ongoing research projects. Laboratory rotations are available for residents who have this interest and meet the department's requirements to spend time in a basic science program. The radiobiology group is actively pursuing novel treatments including radioimmuno-therapy, immunotherapy, gene therapy as well as new combinations of chemotherapy and radiation therapy.