News and Events : An Afternoon with Dr. Robert Roth UAB Radiation Oncology Chair 1969-1985

On November 19th, the UAB Department of Radiation Oncology celebrated the outstanding leadership and legacy of Dr. Robert Roth; the first Chair of Radiation Oncology at UAB.

In an afternoon of commemoration, the department honored Dr. Roth with the unveiling of his portrait. The ceremony started with the welcoming words of Dr. James A. Bonner; the current UAB Radiation Oncology Chair. Dr. Bonner presented a few of the many achievements Dr. Roth left as a legacy to the department throughout his tenure as chairman. Afterward, Dr. Roth took the floor and delighted the audience with a walk through history of the early experiences in radiation oncology at UAB. The ceremony concluded with the unveiling of the portrait of Dr. Roth and a reception with faculty and staff.

Throughout his sixteen years of leadership as a chair, Dr. Roth’s actions demonstrated him to be a true pioneer in the fields of cancer treatment and education. His contributions as a leader, physician, and educator created the strong foundations for the department. Now his legacy will be remembered with his portrait on the wall of the new Hazelrig-Salter Radiation Oncology Center.