• Clinical Core ‐ UAB Center for AIDS Research
    Clinical Core ‐ UAB Center for AIDS Research

    Director: Michael Mugavero
    Email: mmugavero@uab.edu
    Phone: 996-5822

    Core website: http://www.uab.edu/medicine/cfar/core-facilities/clinical-core

    Greer A. Burkholder, MD, MSPH - Email: gburkhol@uab.edu
    Sonya L. Heath, MD - Email: heaths@uab.edu
    E. Turner Overton, MD - Email: toverton@uab.edu

    Core Services:

    Maintains and provides patient samples from a comprehensive and efficient Specimen Repository obtained from well-characterized HIV-infected patients, including those with unique phenotypes and with longitudinal specimen capture. Specimens available include plasma and PBMCs that are linked to our 1917 HIV Clinical Database.

    Computerized Database and Informatics Services to store and access complex, interactive data including vast clinical, treatment, laboratory, administrative and behavioral data elements. Assistance with study design and data analysis. For more information, visit the UAB 1917 Clinic Cohort website at http://www.uab1917cliniccohort.org

    HIV Clinical Research and Clinical Care Training Services are provided at all levels from students to research staff to faculty representing a variety of disciplines.