• Center for Exercise Medicine - Clinical Exercise Facility
    Center for Exercise Medicine - Clinical Exercise Facility

    Director: Marcas Bamman, PhD
    Email: mbamman@uab.edu
    Phone: 934-6221

    Website - www.uab.edu/exercise

    Marlis Richardson

    UCEM Clinical Exercise Facility (Director:MM Bamman, PhD; Manager:  SC Tuggle, MA)

    Laboratory:  The UCEM Clinical Exercise Facility occupies 1500 sq ft in the Russell Ambulatory Clinic connected to UAB Hospital.  It contains ~900 sq ft of exercise training space, a conference room, and two laboratories at ~200 sq ft each (Cardiorespiratory Function Laboratory, and Neuromuscular Function Laboratory).  Clinical:  The exercise training environment is excellent for small clinical trials.  In addition, numerous clinical tests are performed in the laboratories including 12-lead ECG graded exercise stress tests; neuromuscular function evaluations; tests of strength, power, fatigue, and balance; joint kinematics and kinetics; and tests of exercise difficulty and exercise metabolism.  Animal:  N/A.  Computer:  Six computer workstations are housed within the facilities with direct access to three dedicated, pass-word protected servers for data storage and retrieval.  The servers are backed up to tape daily.  Office:  Office space for certified trainers and staff members is located within the facility.  Other:  150 sq ft conference room with LCD projector and dedicated desktop computer workstation.

    17 resistance exercise stations, 4 stationary cycle ergometers, 3 treadmills, 2 dumbbell racks (5-80 lb in 5 lb increments), Quinton Q-Stress 12-lead EKG System with treadmill, Physiodyne Max 1 metabolic cart, StepMill 7000 PT, force plates, surface EMG and goniometry (Biometrics DataLink System), computerized Biodex Balance System, computerized Gaitrite WalkWay System.

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