• Center for Exercise Medicine - Core Muscle Research Laboratory
    Center for Exercise Medicine - Core Muscle Research Laboratory

    Director: Marcas Bamman, PhD
    Email: mbamman@uab.edu
    Phone: 996-7936

    Website - www.uab.edu/exercise

    Marlis Richardson

    UCEM Core Muscle Research Laboratory (Director—MM Bamman, PhD)

    Laboratory:  The UCEM Core Muscle Research Laboratory serves as a core resource for numerous investigators throughout UAB.  The primary laboratory occupies 1350 sq ft of space in 3 adjacent wet laboratories in the McCallum Basic Health Sciences Building (rooms 934, 936, 939).  It contains work areas for immunofluorescence and light microscopy, RT-PCR/in situ hybridization, immunoblotting, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA), cell and tissue culture, spectrophotometry, fluorometry, and digital darkroom imaging.  Shared facilities are readily available on the same floor including isolated tissue culture rooms, a traditional darkroom, an autoclave, and the computing technology and support office.  Clinical:  The laboratory maintains a procedure room in the Clinical Research Unit of the UAB NIH Center for Clinical and Translational Science (CCTS) for outpatient muscle biopsies and blood draws.  The room includes a procedure supply cabinet, 13 Bergstrom-type 5 mm biopsy needles, and a bedside workstation with dissecting microscope and analytical balance for bedside tissue processing.  Animal:  The laboratory is well-equipped for small animal dissection and tissue processing.  Computer:  A total of 16 computer workstations are housed within the laboratory and associated offices, all with direct high-speed access to 3 dedicated, pass-word protected servers for data storage and retrieval.  The servers are backed up daily.  Office:  Eight computer desks/work areas are located within the primary wet laboratory for students and staff.  Four additional offices on the same floor are devoted to Dr. Bamman and his fellows, research associates, and administrative staff.  Other:  The Department of Cell, Developmental, and Integrative Biology employs full-time support staff to maintain, update, repair, back up, etc. all office/laboratory computers and network servers.  The Department also contains significant core equipment and provides laboratory dishwashing and autoclave services.  The University also has a machine shop readily available.

    Olympus BX-51 (upright) and CKX41 (inverted) fluorescence microscopy stations with high-resolution digital cameras and ImagePro Plus 5.0 analysis software, Olympus BX-40 upright light microscope, Nikon inverted microscope, two dissecting microscopes, Leica CM1900 cryostat microtome, BioRad ChemiDoc digital densitometry system with QuantityOne 4.5.1 software, tissue culture station (i.e., Forma Scientific Class IIA/B3 microbiological safety cabinet, Fisher IsoTemp CO2 incubator), FlexCell strain unit, two thermocyclers (MJ Research PTC-200 DNA Engine and BioRad I-Cycler), MJ Research in situ hybridization module, Turner Designs TD700 fluorometer, Genesis 10uv spectrophotometer, two Savant speed vac lyophilizers, BioRad 550 microplate reader, three refrigerated microcentrifuges, four BioRad power supplies, two BioRad SD semi-dry transfer cells, two wet transfer cells, 7 Invitrogen and BioRad gel boxes, Con-Torque and PowerGen tissue homogenizers, three ultra-low -80°C freezers, three -20°C freezers, three refrigerator/freezers, three incubators, two analytical balances, three shakers/rotators, microplate shaker, sonicator, water bath, water purification system.

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