• DNA Sequencing Shared Facility
    DNA Sequencing Shared Facility

    Director: Paul A. Goepfert
    Email: paulg@uab.edu
    Phone: 205-975-5667

    Website -  http://www.uab.edu/cfar/dna-sequencing-core

    Maria Salazar

    The DNA Sequencing Shared Facility has been in operation for over 21 years and has provided users with automated sequencing.

    In addition to providing these services, the core also provides development of new methodologies for the automated sequencing process, training of investigators with widely varying degrees of molecular expertise in the use of sequence analysis tools, development of new molecular biology approaches to characterize HIV/SIV genetic diversity, as well as facilitating multidisciplinary interactions.

    • DNA sequencing services are provided in 24-48 hours turnaround
    • Cost only $6 per reaction and $4 per reaction when a full 96-well plates is submitted
    • Web-based dnaLIMS for order entering and retrieval (www.seqcore.uab.edu)
    • Other services: Microsatellite analysis

    Two 3730xl DNA Analyzers, One Biomek NXp Automation System, and several dual 9700 PCR thermocyclers.

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    Center for AIDS Research
    Comprehensive Cancer Center

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