• The Birmingham Atlas of Health Outcomes (BAHO)
    The Birmingham Atlas of Health Outcomes (BAHO)

    Director: Shatomi Kerbawy, MPH
    Email: skerbawy@uab.edu
    Phone: 975-9477

    UAB Center for the Study of Community Health

    The BAHO is a one-stop service for creating customized maps to visualize and analyze data.

    Why map your data?

    • Discover patterns
    • Generate new hypotheses
    • Tell your story


    • Central Access to Public Datasets
    • Map-Making
    • Data Analysis and Presentation
    • Credibility and Trust (accuracy, privacy, security)

    How to work with us?

    • Tell us about the question you want to answer
    • Describe your data
    • Meet to establish a timeline to meet your deadline